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Sep 28 14 2:21 PM

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A special treat for those of you who haven't heard this before, or haven't heard it for a while. Recorded on 7th December 1986 during the 'Not Quite Christmas' tour, here's the original concert audio as broadcast on BBC Radio smiley: happy

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Sep 28 14 10:59 PM

Wow!!!! Thank you for posting this!

I was at The Palladium one, but my memories of then are quite hazy so its great to hear this reminder.

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Sep 29 14 7:13 PM

No problem guys, glad I could share it! 

I wasn't there so I don't know if this is the whole concerted as performed or whether some tracks were cut out. It's only 54 minutes long, I suppose to keep it to an hour's broadcast for radio. If they did cut some songs out, which ones didn't make it? The obvious ones which come to mind are the various medleys they did (Motown, Rolling Stones etc).

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Sep 29 14 10:02 PM

Was really shocked that LOMB was left off?? I was there and it was definitely played! Thanks also to Steven-I listened to this on the train this morning and it transported me right back

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Sep 30 14 10:23 PM

The show would have been about an hour and a half so the BBC would have edited it for sure... but I couldn't tell you what's missing.

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Oct 16 14 10:27 PM

Only just got round to listening to this, really enjoyed it :)

So, where to start??

First off, great to hear the company you keep in the setlist - didn't realise (or had forgotten ) that bobby wrote it. Impressive!

Thrilled to hear YLL is one of mikes favourites (I thought it was just me lol); Cheryl sounded superb delivering the song.

As mentioned in another recent thread I thought the medley was a bit of a waste - 4 strong songs in RFYL, IYCSTH, POTA and ROTG, cruelly cut short!!

I've never understood why 20th century hero and soul motion are fan favourites. They would definitely have been my bar/comfort break songs haha!

Thought KEOW sounded strong, nice that this was included as I'm not sure I've heard a live version of this song before.

Interesting that New Beginning features at both the start and end of the show. Was this commonplace??

Thanks do much for sharing this :)

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Oct 16 14 10:40 PM

NOt sure re NB, but have to say that I love SOul Motion, and think it could have been a single (far better than Love The One You're With)

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Jun 6 15 9:45 PM

Ooh, ajh2ajh, I wonder if that's a copy of my bootleg cassette recording, or one you did yourself? I also filmed some of this gig until I was taken outside by security and warned! Luckily they let me back in.

Anyway, after listening to my recording I can confirm that they missed out;
ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS (which was 2nd in the hit medley)

Bizarrely, they played You Love Love before the hits medley but it was actually after it.

Hope this clears everything up.

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