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Jul 17 16 8:39 AM

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Bucks Fizz have turned down £1million to patch up their longstanding rift with former bandmate Bobby G for a TV reunion.

Eighties icons Cheryl Baker , Mike Nolan and Jay Aston were given the astonishing offer by a top telly production company.

But the band, who won the 1981 Eurovision with massive hit Making Your Mind Up, bluntly rejected the mouth-watering deal.

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Jul 17 16 1:10 PM

I would be amazed if there were such an offer, and equally amazed if they turned it down. Also - if that report is accurate do they really have to be so nasty? Bobby G helped them all to a good living with his talent and hard work.
I saw Bobby's fizz last night at Ashcroft Coast Holiday Park. It was a very hot night but the show was good and Bobby sang as well as ever. He seemed happy and content. Good luck to him.

Bobby does it better!

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Jul 18 16 8:19 PM

I think Cathy has hit the nail on the head. Yet again the bonkers obsessive fans are being very vindictive and it's all rather pathetic. Personally, and just my opinion, I have my strong suspicions it's a good PR story to generate more interest for the our. Though it may not be needed given their impressive TV coverage over the past month. Credit to them for getting publicity. I just don't see them, Cheryl especially, turning down that sort of money. I think more a case of Bobby saying no thank you and the others coming back with the "moral stance". Though may be wrong - just my opinion as I said.

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Jul 19 16 10:55 PM

Well, the only thing I struggle to believe here is that they turned it down. £1 million isn't alot in the tv/entertainment world and if it's true, I imagine a production company wanted to do a show like the Steps one. Therefore trying to clear the air with Bobby would be part of the show. What amazes me though is if they turned something like this down. It's been said before that their recent tours barely break even and they'll never make any money from music sales now. If I was 62, I'd jump at the chance to earn £250,000. Even losing 40% to tax would leave them all with a figure they couldn't earn any other way.

If this is true, then I guess it shows how deeply the bad feeling runs. It's such a shame and so undignified of them to criticize Bobby. They are too quick to forget that they all chose to leave Bucks Fizz when it suited them. Heidi will have bought the copy right to the name unchallenged because Jay, Mike and Cheryl weren't interested at the time. In my opinion, these are the facts that completely defeat their argument. It's like someone knocking on the door of your house and having a go at you saying they wish they'd bought it 20 odd years ago.

I wish Shelley and Bobby could do the show and split the fee between them.....By the way, does anyone know who the fruitcake facebook fan is?

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Jul 21 16 10:25 PM

Wow, what an interesting read... I almost don't know where to start!!!

Was there really a £1m offer? Who knows, but the fact that CMJ claim to have flatly refused it makes it pretty clear that there will never be a CMJB reunion. I can't see them getting a better offer than that any time soon so I would imagine that was probably the final opportunity. My guess though is that Jay would have done it but Cheryl and Mike wouldnt.

To be fair to CMJ the timing is not good - Bobby M has proved to be very popular and it may have destabilised the ship if Bobby came back into the fold. A bit like when Jay did on pop goes the band (or whatever it's called).

I'd be genuinely interested to know what Bobby G would have said to the offer. Part of me thinks he'd say no too, although I can't help but think everybody has got a price (which is not meant in a bad way) and £250k is a LOT of money. Im genuinley surprised that CMJ didn't give it more consideration for a sum so large.

I had to laugh about the crazed fan... I'm sorry but I really can't take that seriously! The band seems to have quite a few fans that are one sandwich short of a picnic and it was only a matter of time before one went from obsessive fan to obsessive stalker!

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Jul 28 16 8:58 PM

What if Bobby turns out to be the one to have told them where to stick it? It'd make sense for the other three to insist that nobody was up for it. This has me reaching for the documentary DVD again.

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Aug 21 16 2:46 PM

PMSL..turn down a million yet fleece fans by £20 meet and  greet (btw where does that money go to? charity or them?)

It's not even a recent offer - something they were offered quite a while back ... like someone said though drums up press for their little tour..e even had J rehashing the accident in the metro the other week

Funny how despite the constant bile and moaning about Bobby G that this lot do that he's never refused to reunite for some things.

Jay herself admitted at the 35th anniversary gig  q&a that he'd had talks with them bout a tour..but they turned him down

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Oct 24 16 5:54 PM

Yes, at the 35th anniversary gig it was quite apparent that Jay was totally up for the reunion. She went to the meeting with the same producers as The Big Reunion and reported back to Cheryl who didn't want to get involved. Shame she just couldn't have agreed as they'll probably now take their feud to the grave. Also Jay confirmed doing the show would have involved a tour too. If they had done it they would have raised their profile and then of course they could have gone their own ways and toured again with Bobby M with a much higher profile. Unlikely to get that chance again and will have to supplement their pensions by charging fans £20 for meet and greet and CDs they've recorded in their garages. (actually to be fair  Jay's CD is a class affair and well worth a listen, unlike Mr Nolan's latest effort, it's as badly produced as the photoshopped cover).

Last Edited By: Broken Dream Oct 24 16 5:59 PM. Edited 1 time.

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Oct 27 16 6:28 PM

Some good points there Dream Broken, it does feel like there's an element of cutting the nose off to spite the face. Like you say, they could have parted ways straight after any reunion, it wasn't something that had to last forever. Sigh!

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