Sep 17 14 6:36 PM

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Hello, and welcome to Here's To The Magic!

The Bucks Fizz Top 40 song poll was a well established tradition on the Early Years site... and we would like to ensure that tradition continues.

Today sees the launch of the 2014 poll so it's time to get voting... Are You Ready? (See what we did there??!!)

This year's Top 40 poll is exactly the same as those that have preceded it so many of you will know the drill by now. But fear not if you don't as all will be explained below....


I would like to invite you all to submit your TOP 10 favourite Bucks Fizz Tracks. These can be singles, b-sides, album tracks etc. Voting is for the song ONLY, regardless of whether it was the extended version, Spanish version etc. That way we get a true representation of votes for each song.

The only exclusions from any votes are solo tracks, OBF recordings and anything that David van Day has been within 500 miles of.

If you're not sure whether a song is eligible please feel free to drop me a message/email and I'll check for you. Alternatively, you could just include it in your Top 10 and if any songs are found to be ineligible I'll get back in touch to request a replacement.

So, how is the chart compiled ? In Eurovision Style, each song will score points according to the position you put them in. For example:

Your Number 1 song will receive 10 points
Your Number 2 song will receive 9 points
...down to your Number 10 song, which will receive 1 point.

To avoid confusion please use the following format for voting:

1. <Enter most favourite song here>
2. <2nd favourite song>
3. <3rd favourite song>
and so on...

This is just to make sure I dont give your favourite song only 1 point and your 10th favourite 10 points!!!

All songs will then be placed in order, based on the number of points scored by all fans. Where points awarded are identical, the higher place is awarded to the number of times the song has been voted for within anyone's Top 10.


Please submit your votes to me by way of a Private Message here on Here's To The Magic! or by email to [email protected] (if sending by email please include your name or username so that I can keep track of who has voted). I will reply with a short message within 48 hours to thank you for your votes.

Closing date is Saturday 25th October at 11.59pm (UK time) so youve got plenty of time to have a think and send in your votes  :)

Only one vote per person please.

This will also be posted in The Fizz Zone so that replies can be made to this post (but please don't reply in public with your Top 10 as it could influence other voters!)