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Apr 6 15 1:26 PM

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So, what's the verdict on the UKs entry this year? I quite liked the song the first time I heard it but having heard it for a second time The other day I have to say I've gone off it .... I find it rather annoying lol. And what's the verdict on the Australian entry by guy Sebastian (Australian idol/world idol)? I thought it was an okay song but nothing special unfortunately.
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May 9 15 12:59 PM

I'm not that struck on it to be honest. In fact, I would say it's awful lol and yes, Potato Waffles does spring to mind and actually, I have a box in the freezer! ! I should have entered as I'm sure a box of potato waffles would win these days. ..... I get the impression the UK knows it won't ever win again so we think "stuff it, why bother? " lol

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May 20 15 5:32 AM

Come on Austalia .. you've only got once chance at this!

Guy Sebastian do us proud!

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May 24 15 3:27 PM

I hadn't heard any of the songs until the show last night. I thought the UK entry was horrendous, and one of the worst British Eurovision entries ever. Not surprised it did badly.

The Swedish winner was ok (loved the visual animations, but a good song that doesn't make!), but I preferred Russia's entry. As usual, politics got in the way of good judgement.

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May 24 15 7:02 PM

Very respectable finish for guy Sebastian eh Mike?

Did you watch/enjoy the show? There were four stand out songs for me - Romania, Cyprus, Sweden and Austria (which I can't believe got "nil point"!).

It did go on a bit though didn't it. I thought it was never going to end when they kept losing connections during the voting lol.

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May 26 15 12:29 PM

Yes Paul, it was indeed.a most respectable win for him. I was very happy for Guy to come in fifth place. He did Australia very proud.

I think Sweden deserved to be in top 5 too but perhaps not in first place. The light show and visuals were great and he is a bit of eye candy too! lol.. but he does have talent for sure.
He said he wanted to team up with Guy some time for a duet. I hope it happens

I did enjoy the Russian performance too, as well as Germany, Serbia , Belgium and Denmark.
I didn't like Italy at all!
The ESC is a bit drawn out as always
Sorry about the UK losing out again.

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