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May 5 17 7:53 AM

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from Stephen Fox on FB  May 5th

Hi guys, so the final piece of the Live DVD 'Trilogy' is now available to pre-order! The Magical concert 1985. Filmed on the last night of a 2 month tour where mayhem occurs on stage! The amazing stage set (a giant version of the inside of a sharp stereo) fights back, stage invasions and costumes laced with itching powder all make for an unmissable show, where the band deal with it all like true professionals as usual! All the classic songs are there including notable performances of You and Your Heart so Blue, Magical, I Used to Love the Radio, Big Deal, Talking in your sleep and Love in a World Gone Mad to name a few. As with the 83/84 DVDs this is a single camera film shot by the crew at the time and is the only known footage of this show so don't expect multi camera shots as in the All That Glitters DVD but you can expect to be taken back to 1985 to see this highly significant moment in the bands history. There are 2 DVD Extra features, both of which were meant to feature on a project called FIZZ TV in 2009 but due to the name dispute we couldn't proceed with it. The first is JAY RETURNS, The G.A.Y show in 2009 playing to a sold out crowd on Jays 1st public appearance with Cheryl and Mike since 1985. The atmosphere is electric and again it is a truly significant moment captured on a multi camera shoot. The 2nd is IN CONVERSATION, a great candid 30 minute interview with CMJ in 2009 where they discuss the past, present and future along with 2 never before seen outstanding live performances, Heart of Stone and This Day is Mine. The DVD will only be available here and so I don't under/over order I've decided to do it on pre- sale so I can make sure everyone gets a copy who wants one but you need to get your order in ASAP. This will be the last Fizz DVD I am producing as there is nothing left. When I was given these master tapes 5 years ago, after watching them and reliving my own childhood memories of Bucks Fizz i knew I had to somehow let you guys have the chance to do the same and it has been a pleasure not only working with CMJ in various ways since 2009 but also working on these DVD's for you guys. I know they are not perfect quality but they are all we have and I hope those who have them got the same memories flooding back as I did :)

Follow this link to pre- Order (remember if you are overseas to click the international option) Thanks and hope you enjoy :)

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May 5 17 7:58 AM

Just months after the horrific coach crash in 1984, Bucks fizz were dealt yet another blow when Jay Aston decided to leave the band. The three remaining members decided they would carry on and find a replacement for Jay. After seeing thousands of girls for the part they finally decided on 21 year old Shelley Preston from Dorset. Shelley had literally weeks to learn an entire show and prepare to tour the UK with the Magical show. As with Previous Bucks Fizz tours, the stage set, lighting and band were more stadium Rock than pop and the show received great reviews. The stage set this time was the inner workings of a cassette player (to tie in with their sponsorship from Sharp Electronics) and provided the perfect backdrop for the new lavish show packed with hits, fan favorites and unexpected surprises.
As with the 83/84 DVD's, the show was filmed on a single camera by the tour crew at the time and is the only known footage of this highly significant moment in the bands 35 year history.
DVD Includes:
BUCKS FIZZ - MAGICAL CONCERT: Full show filmed on the last night of the tour in 1985
JAY RETURNS: multicamera footage of the first public show of Jay Astons return in 2009 at G.A.Y in London on the eve of Eurovision. Electric atmosphere with backstage footage of this amazing sell out show.
IN CONVERSATION: Shortly after Jay's return the band did a 30 minute interview where they talk about the early Bucks Fizz days, their personal highlights, favorite Fizz songs/videos and hopes for the future. Also includes 2 never before seen live videos, Heart of Stone and This Day is Mine.

this link will secure a purchase of this dvd for all fans

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May 20 17 4:19 PM

What a surprise - DVD arrived in the post today!

Am busy this evening (such a hectic lifestyle lol) so will try and watch this tomorrow. I have an unopened bottle of Bucks Fizz in the fridge that's been there for months which would go with it perfectly but I'm on a self-imposed alcohol ban for the month of May at the moment. Decisions decisions!!

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May 23 17 6:18 PM

Lol dizzy fizzy - me too,I was wishing they would sit down!!

Oh Suzanne almost threatened to be a block-out too, what with all the smoke on stage. Cheryl made her way out of it in the end though!

It seems as though NTDAG was omitted for some reason - from what I understand Mike did sing it on this tour so I'm not 100% sure if it's been edited out in production or whether they just didn't singing that night for whatever reason.

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May 26 17 7:43 PM

I'm still waiting on the latest magical Fizz dvd to come to me in Oz but Stephen  Fox has assured me that it has since been sent out to all overseas folks!

i'm sure I will enjoy  it as much as others have

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May 26 17 8:55 PM

I'm glad I bought this (the chance to see/hear Big Deal live was enough to tempt me) but I probably won't watch this again to tell the truth. It's nobody's fault but the single static camera position - at distance too - makes it quite hard to watch all the way through. I think I'll wait until it's sold out then put mine on eBay!

In one of the other DVDs that was filmed in a similar way (the one from 83?) they interspersed non-concert footage to kind of break things up a bit and I thought that worked pretty well.

Hope you enjoy though Mike :)

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May 28 17 6:36 PM

FLYBUY... Stephen Fox may be having problems with both of his sites,..or the copies of this final live Fizz dvd that he has kindly produced for us my have run out for now!

I am sure that if that is the case then he will get some more copies in... but I will endeavour to find out by asking him for you... if you wish ?

He rarely comes on to this Fizz forum to post at least and I'm not sure how often he visits to have a browse. He is quite busy with his own band it seems.
He kindly told me last week that my copy of the dvd had been sent out over to me in Australia when I had asked him in private on FB, as the UK fans were already receiving their copies well
in advance of the 29th May release date and I wasn't sure of the status of mine at the time.

Paul ..I'm sorry that you didnt find it all that interesting to watch, due to the way in which it was originally filmed but I do understand! A pity that it wasn't done more like the 1983 one
to captivate the fans' attention more

I hope you can recoup your money with a buyer soon enough!

I hope that I might enjoy it somewhat when it does arrives to me and I will hang on to my copy either way.. I'm a dedicated Fizz hoarder as you probably well know by now ! lol !

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#13 [url]

May 29 17 8:46 AM

I have left Stephen a message on FB about it, FLYBUY and so either I or he will keep you posted on here when possible, as to your enquiry about the current availability of the Magical dvd!

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May 31 17 11:09 PM

Slightly off topic but I had to say that I think it is absolutely crazy that there is not more professionally recorded live performance footage of Fizz  out there. Can't understand why that should be the case.Especially in their glory days.

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#18 [url]

Watching this DVD just now, a few things struck me....
A lot of the songs were played at a million miles and hour!
Bobby unusually struggled with the high notes. He must've had a sore throat or his voice was totally shot at the end of a long tour.
How good Steve Lauri is on guitar.
What an amazing job Shelley did learing all the routines, songs etc after just a few weeks.

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Stephen Fox on FB , Saturday July 22nd has  posted...

  ''Sorry guys ...been crazy busy! At present I don't have any of the dvds left as they were pressed for pre- order. I'm looking at doing a very short run of all 3 dvds soon so everyone who missed out on any can get a copy ...hopefully end of next month but I'll keep you posted''

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