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Mar 11 17 3:13 AM

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Published on Mar 10, 2017
The original Bucks Fizz line up won Eurovision in 1981 with their song "Making Your Mind Up". Now over 30 years later, original members Cheryl, Mike & Jay together with new member Bobby McVay still entertain today. Here they talk to The Europe-Ian Channel about their plans for the the future and the UK at Eurovision

from Cheryl....''14 tracks on the new album and 4 done so far ...some old but most of them new'' ...''We will have a new single out this year (from the album) and we
 will re release the LOMB again this Christmas and every one after that''

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Mar 11 17 11:26 AM

I imagine that scheduling and budgeting will both have a part to play.  Recording a 14-track album is no cheap thing.  Apart from studio time, Mike Stock will be charging a fee. They have to balance that with their touring and rehearsals.  I have a feeling that the album might be getting done on Stock's down time to minimise costs - if they don't have a label behind them, they'll have to raise every penny themselves.

I just hope the next single is one of the new songs.

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Mar 11 17 3:44 PM

Yes Andy, very disappointing to hear only 4 tracks are done.

I'm sure There was talk last year That the album wouldbe out in 2016. So, to be nearly 1/4 quarter of the way through 2017 and hear rest only 4 out of 14 songs are done is not good. At this rate we arelooking at a 2019/2020 release!

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Apr 29 17 11:58 AM

from Jay on FB·.. this weekend!

''Well I'm having a rest this morning as it's been a very busy two weeks recording our new album with producer Mike Stock.
Two of the best weeks...doing what we all love in many years !
An absolute pleasure working with Mike and his team.
Things will only get better now !

If you are a true fizz fan then this is a chapter not to miss .
We have all worked hard and become closer than ever as we are reminded of what it's always been about for us .

Mike knows his gig inside out and it's lovely to be in safe hands.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Thanks for all your support guys ''

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Apr 29 17 12:38 PM

Cheryl has said today on FB that 11 of the 14 songs for the new album have now been done.and that it is a busy time ahead recording in May
to get it finished!

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