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Apr 4 17 9:31 AM

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Pete Hammond is set to release an album tracks of dub mixes of more recent , newer tracks ASAP, according to his own posts on his FB page recently

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#1 [url]

Apr 20 17 8:49 AM

The release date for this 12 track album of dub mixes is tentatively for May 1st at this time, for any of those fans who seek to purchase a copy in advance... via paypal and net banking.

The posting of the album by this date is to buyers in the UK , Europe and overseas and will be made available on eboth audio cd format and as wave files on CD -R for who have paid by that time.

To obtain the details of payment for this album via paypal or via internet banking one has to email Pete Hammond  (see below)

at....[email protected] .com


To pay with PayPal for the album you will need this other email address of his :

[email protected]

Shipping costs are:

UK £1.26

Europe £3.70

Rest of the world £4.75

Full Tracklist (but not in the right order)

1. Doing what they said can’t be done - Dub by Peter Wilson
2. Boyfriend – Dub - Alphabeat
3. Make up your mind – Dub - City Girls
4. Put your hands up – Dub - Kylie
5. Tears – Dub - Life-Work – feat Karen Orchin
6. Dancing in the street – Dub - Lonnie Gordon
7. I don’t wanna get hurt – Dub - by Caz
8. 24/7 Dub - Sammy Paul
9. You can depend on me – Dub - Xavier
10. I’m no good at keeping secrets - Caz  
11.Nightclubbin' - Caz
12.Rising Up  - Strictly Love feat  Xan

 from Pete..''My dub mix album is almost completed. It will contain twelve dub versions of tracks from my more recent work.
I don’t expect there to be a huge demand for this specialised product, so if anyone wants to buy one, they will only be available directly from me using, Paypal or internet banking.
I have set up a special email account for this project. Anyone wishing to purchase should email me for the PayPal details at:

[email protected]

(to pay via paypal see the other email above)

''Please note that I will only supply the albums on an Audio CDR or as wav files on a Digital CDR, ...which ever format is preferred.''

The price £18.00 + the postage and packing''

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#3 [url]

Jun 2 17 11:20 PM

It's a great album of 12 dub tracks and it has finally arrived safely to me from the UK. ..see the tracklisting above which is now fully correct but not in  the right order.

If anyone wishes to still grab a copy of this fabulous Dub mix album then they can email Pete for one and pay via paypal ... Also, if anyone still wishes to grab a copy of his other 2 cd set
of ''Get Down Here Quick and Mix Yourself A Hit'' album from 2015 then you can email him and he will make a CD- R copy for you as it is now out of print as a hard copy from the factory!

And that's not the PWL one either! lol

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