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Mar 16 17 8:53 PM

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Just for fun, I'm inviting you to take a punt on the month/year that you think the new Fizz album will go on sale.

I'll start things off by going for April 2018 !
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Mar 17 17 3:01 AM

Mid November to early December 2017 at best!

I know that it' is probably a tall ask for that to be done, lol... but also does a new single come from an album before or after it's release ?
Also, the 2016 version of the LOMB will probably re- released again maybe this Christmas too, irrespective of whether the album comes
out this next year or not til next... that is, if Cheryl is correct in what she said in the interview, or maybe i misunderstood her and that
it will out be out again only for Christmas in 2018 and then for each each one thereafter!

I wonder if another one of the 4 to 5 (at most in my view) re- recorded ( and re-done) Fizz tracks will be one of the next (first) ones to be released from the album other than the LOMB 2016 mix again ?
or one of the new ones ?
I suspect only to 4 to 5 at most reworked ones for the album as Cheryl has said that most of the 14 songs will be new tracks!

Anyone dare to want to have a wild guess at what the title of the new album might be ?

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Apr 9 17 7:03 PM

Well.... it might be sooner than we all think.

At Cheryl's 'My Life' one woman show last night she said that 'The Fizz', as they will now be known, will be in the studio for a solid few weeks recording!

Get Busy With The Fizzy!

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Apr 13 17 5:33 PM

Thanks for the update Phil. I wonder how many songs they will manage to wrap up during that time?

A few weeks sounds like quite a long time, but I have no idea if it really *is* a long time in terms of recording/producing an album!

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