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Apr 11 17 5:51 AM

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According to this FB group banner on link below it is now official and from some of the various posts made there too... but I dont know any real clear details as yet!

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#2 [url]

Apr 11 17 1:59 PM

Gay Richardson (formerly Gay Purle) has said on the Fizz FB groups not long ago that the name change it is not yet official legally, despite the announcement by Cheryl on Saturday and so it has reverted back to CMJ (formerly of Bucks Fizz) with Bobby McVay for now on the Fizz FB groups ..

Gay Richardson to Fan Club Of Cheryl, Mike & Jay (formerly Of Bucks Fizz) with Bobby McVay
2 hrs ·

''We have reverted back until the new name is made official''

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Apr 11 17 6:54 PM

Oh dear, this really seems quite unprofessional from what I can make out. Same old, same old.

So, the band are not legally called The Fizz, despite having released LOMB2016 under this very name last year.

Not only that, it turns out that there is already a UK band using the name "The Fizz". Doh!!

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Apr 11 17 10:57 PM

That's so confusing! Why would Cheryl announce it as the new name as it wasn't yet legal? image And what of this other band called the Fizz? never heard of them!imageAre they contesting the name or what?image

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Apr 12 17 8:45 AM

I think the other "The fizz" are a random covers band with no Bucks Fizz connection whatsoever. It's not clear whether they are objecting to (or even aware of) CMJ using the name so that side of things could be completely irrelevant from what I understand.

It's just really strange that, given the bands history of court cases over the use of their official name, they would release a single under the name The Fizz (and "confirm" both verbally in person AND on their official FB page) before it's actually legal.

I'm sorry to say it, but it comes across as either total incompetence or total arrogance. Sigh!

(Mike Stocks tweet last year to CMJ telling them to be careful about using the name makes more sense now)

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Apr 12 17 10:02 PM

I'm pretty sure that CMJ have trademarked the name "The Fizz", that was discovered before christmas.
Not sure what the issue is with it 'being official' yet or not.

Get Busy With The Fizzy!

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Apr 13 17 7:05 AM

I've been doing a bit more digging around and found the following on the Intellectual Property Office website...

it would appear that CMJ filed the application last November but it currently has a status of "withdrawn" - possibly due to the "Notice of Threatened Opposition" that was filed on 1st February 2017 ?? It says that the "Opposition period has been extended".

Having said that, if the opposition period has been extended, I wouldn't expect the case to be marked as withdrawn (more like "delayed" perhaps)

Oh well, it will all come out in the wash I suppose!

EDIT - the definition of withdrawn on the IPO website is:

 The application for registration has been withdrawn by the owner or the application was a 'Right Start' application and the continuation fee was not paid. (see historic events details).

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Apr 14 17 3:56 PM

They don't have a lot of luck with names do they? So will they have to keep using the 'Formerly of Bucks Fizz' then? They should be at least be able to use the 'fizz' somewhere in their name. ALSO If they don't officially have use of the name 'Fizz' how did they get to release a single under that name if it's not legitimately theirs to use?image

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#10 [url]

Apr 15 17 4:49 PM

I guess that it Bobby McVay is staying in the band then "Formerly of Bucks Fizz" doesn't sit right for them. I think that having him helps them secure extra bookings as they now look like the original line up, but changing the name to The Fizz will probably lose them a few. Rock... meet Hard Place. It's a rubbish name anyway! As for them releasing LOMB2016 under the name... the first Liberty X single was released as Liberty before the name was contested, so I guess people just might not know until it's put out there?

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#11 [url]

Apr 28 17 10:47 PM

How utterly gormless. They really are a hopeless lot when it comes to business.

Why on earth don't they just stick to Aston, Baker and Nolan formerly of Bucks Fizz, featuring Bobby McVee. Of course it's not snappy or brief, but it's exactly what they are. More to the point, anyone that is going to be interested will know exactly who they are from the surnames. Indeed, many of the likely audience will remember Sweet Dreams too, so they'll know who Bobby is.

Their obsession to use the name Bucks Fizz has only caused them relentless brand damage and negativity. They can't be Bucks Fizz without Bobby G, regardless of the legalities of it all.

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#12 [url]

Apr 30 17 2:42 PM

Personally I think they should be allowed to use Bucks Fizz. Or if they can't use it ,Bobby G shouldn't be able to use it either,and everyone should come up with new names. The 'Formally Of' thing is ridiculous.

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