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May 16 16 11:24 AM

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What did people think of this? The performance at the end was not too bad - but there was a lot of Mike in the mix! Thought the shorts that the girls wore were very unflatering. 
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May 16 16 5:43 PM

Thanks Cathy I missed this - Just watched on the iplayer.

These were the same outfits they wore on "Rylan" (although there was no skirt rip on Rylan, so we never got to see the shorts). I thought the outfits themselves were good but I did think it looked rather unflattering on Cheryl on both shows( even before the skirt rip). Jay can carry off pretty much anything of course as she is in amazing shape!!

Agree that the performance was a decent one. I know I can't really expect it when all these to appearances are Eurovision related but I'd love to hear them sing something other than MYMU!

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May 17 16 4:03 PM

I saw the Rylan performance on TV but saw the Pointless one on-line. Both good... and both had the skirt ripping but the cameraman missed it on Rylan. I'd say Bobby McV is an asset (haven't seen them do much with him before). His vocals were very noticeable on Rylan. The whole thing just looks so much better with four!

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