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Jan 3 17 4:18 PM

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Hi all

I'm not sure if the DVD is now on sale through the official fan club but I can confirm that copies are being sold on eBay if anyone is interested. I've got back from my new year break today to find mine waiting for me

I didn't mention it before as I wanted to see the DVD for myself before sharing with the world as I was worried it might turn out to be a counterfeit. My suspicions were raised when I saw the listing had the "make me an offer" button which I thought a bit odd.

Anyway, I DID make an offer and, lo and behold, it was accepted! Just search under the words Bucks Fizz DVD and it should come up for you.

I'll come back and post a review after I've watched it:)
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Jan 8 17 9:46 PM

My offer was £15 Phil, so with postage I paid less than £17 (I think the official selling price is £20 plus £4 P&P so a saving of nearly one third).

Mike - for some reason the seller only seems to list one copy at a time and I think there may be a gap/delay before it gets re-listed after each sale. Try saving the search so that you get notifications when new listings for it come up perhaps?

Ok so on to the review. It's a mixture of good and not quite so good really (although I'm yet to watch the q&a part yet):

The good:

Bobby m really proves his worth and shows he's just as worthy of his place in the band as any other member .
Great guitars on One of this nights!
Brilliant version of WWWY, with an amazing slow piano/vocal intro. Stand out song of the show for me by a mile.
Run for your life and piece of the action not shortened/relegated to a medley :)
No 80s medley of random covers in sight haha

The not so good:

The show is over by the 51 minute mark!!!! I was thinking it was rather odd for LOMB to appear in the setlist after only 45 mins and then I realised that the show was almost over - For this reason alone I'm glad I didn't pay £24 for the DVD.
Cheryl's first dress is, well, not very flattering shall we say (sorry Cheryl!)
Keyboard sounds like a cheap Casio one
Mike often looked like his mind was elsewhere.
The cringey drama at the beginning of MCNL because the band came in too early.

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Jan 9 17 1:00 PM

Did my last post in a bit of a rush so it wasn't so much of a review really, more like a list of observations. So I'll flesh it out a bit now instead!

First off, it was great to see a live band on stage instead of singing along to backing tracks. Speaking of which I cAnt believe how close the stage was to the first set of tables in the audience. Virtually touching distance, what an amazing view they must have had.

I thought the vocals sounded good, I hope the band don't ever lose Bobby as the group really benefits from having him there as the 2nd male vocalist.

The set list was a little short if I'm honest but the songs they did pick were very well chosen. WWWY was amazing, I will be listening to this one again and again for sure. I just wish it could have gone on for longer! It was a great re-work and would love a studio version (I don't think it's very Mike Stock-y so doubt it will be on the new album).

All in all a good performance. The Q&A was a nice addition and I actually warmed to all 4. There were one or two questions that were possibly fishing for Bobby-bashing responses and they handled these quite well i thought. One thing surprised me though - had no idea new Bobby turned down the chance to be in Johnny hates jazz!!

Ps - Phil was that you asking a question (up on the balcony I think)??

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Jan 22 17 11:59 PM

Pretty much centre front in the balcony, so yeah, unobstructed view :)

Get Busy With The Fizzy!

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Feb 4 17 4:59 AM


It was or is  still available from a Lorraine on FB for a time through some of the Fizz groups there for both the UK fans and for us aussies but we had to PM her via FB or ring her via her mobile for prices for
both the postage of this dvd and all the other merchandise which is also currently for sale. The Fizz merchandise site was now supposed to be now set up too, i believe but it is still not set up properly for direct sales to the fans!

see this link below to the Fizz shop site which was provided by Phil in another post here on the forum.
Lorraine's number is found on it but I have yet to contact her to see about getting a copy of the dvd!


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Feb 4 17 5:28 AM

Thanks Paul for your input as always.

I will still try for eBay now and again or just wait for the Fizz shop to open properly via the above link and pay a higher price, i guess lol

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Feb 14 17 5:37 AM

yes Sonja, sadly it is not the best website design for the Fizz merchandise shop I have to agree.

I hope you are doing well :)

It is still not able to serve the fans directly as yet it would appear. oh well!

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Feb 18 17 3:47 AM

Huddo... I still haven't contacted Lorraine yet and so I will probably just wait til the latest dvd and the new Fizz album and also Cheryl's full studio album is offered for sale online on the new Fizz site or via the links on the various Fizz FB groups.

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Lorraine has said recently on Fb in the Fizz groups that she would hold on to a copy of this dvd for those who wanted one who could not buy it at the gigs
including those fans from overseas.

Who has bought a copy and who still wants one ?

I need to get in touch with her about sending me a copy over

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