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Dec 26 16 1:34 AM

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George Michael has passed away at age 53....Born 25, June 1963 – Died 25, December 2016.!

According to wikipedia.. ''On 25 December 2016, Michael died at Goring, Oxfordshire, England. His publicist has said he had "passed away peacefully at home" and Thames Valley Police said there were no suspicious circumstances. Thames Valley Police said South Central Ambulance Service attended a property in Goring in Oxfordshire at 13:42 GMT that day''

This has been verified by many other online reports!
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Dec 26 16 3:01 PM

His manager said it was suspected heart failure. Far too young to go. My best friend in high school absolutely adored him. I was never really a fan, but it was a shock to hear it last night, out of the blue. RIP George.  

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Dec 27 16 9:12 AM

So, so sad to hear this - Its the first time in my adult life i've shed tears over a celebrity death.

i suppose i was exactly the right age to have enjoyed wham's unashamed brand of pop and then i grew up with him as he went a bit more serious. he was my first long-term pop idol and for me Listen Without Prejudice was his finest moment (side 2, as it would have been known in those days, contained five 10 out of 10 songs). I still love it 26 years on.

cathy - I'm so envious you got to see wham not once but twice... my sister went to the final with a friend but she never asked me to go !i got to see George twice as a solo artist though - once at the Stonewall concert of 1999 (i think it was 99 - he sang a couple of songs from his covers album which would be about the right time) and then again in December 2006 on the 25 Live tour. I did have tickets for one of the Symphonica shows but sold them as id been made redundant shortly before. how stupid of me!

rest in peace as you reach the edge of heaven george

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Dec 31 16 1:26 PM

I've been in such shock that I haven't been able to even speak about it till now. Huge George Michael fan.Practically grew up with his music. Taken way too soon.Not a lot else I can say. Totally devastated.Just a lovely, lovely man RIP

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