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Aug 9 16 8:32 PM

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Don't know if anyone else saw it but there was a short letter and picture of Fizz - I was out all day yesterday so couldn't post then.

This is what the letter said;

'Cheryl Baker says Bobby G didn't have any charm or charisma when in Bucks Fizz(Metro, Fri). Having met Bobby G and the rest of Bucks Fizz, I can say he is a very nice chap,with lots of charisma! Fred, Hampshire'

Well said Fred - whoever you are! Did anyone read what Cheryl said on Friday?
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Aug 9 16 10:39 PM

Couldn't find anything on Metro's website. Found several excerpts in various publications referring to a Cheryl interview that was published on the 5th by (which is probably Metro's source), but none of them quote anything relating to Bobby. I had access to many years ago, but no longer do, so can't get on there to see it. Would be interesting to find out what was said, but I really do wish Cheryl would stop being so bitchy.  

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Aug 9 16 11:01 PM

There's a 60 seconds interview in Metro every week day. In last fridays paper there was a question and answer interview with Cheryl. In answer to the question 'do replacements in pop groups ever really work?' she said: Absolutely. How many people have been in the Sugababes? We're much happier with this line up than we've ever been. Bobby McVay just makes it work. He sings brilliantly. Bobby G has a great voice but he didn't have the charm, charisma, the dancing and the ability to talk to the audience, plus he wasn't particularly likeable.Bobby McVay can do it and he's lovely.

So there you go.

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Aug 14 16 12:21 PM

Totally agree wuppie, Cheryl really isn't doing herself any favours with her Bobby bashing.

We could do with an emoticon of Bobby g's face in the eyes-rolled position. It would get used so often!!

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