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May 3 16 5:58 PM

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I think Mike and Cheryl were my favourites during the peak of their fame (although I liked them all in their own way of course) I thought Cheryl seemed really pretty (it was just a phase though lol) and I used to find it funny that it would be Jay that would be referred to as the sexy one. For me Cheryl was definitely the most attractive female member. Mike - his boyish and innocent looks meant he was my favourite of the male members, he just had the appearance of an all round nice guy. Back to Jay, and I always thought she seemed a bit, well, raunchy and saucy! Her image seemed slightly at odds with that of the other 3, who I though came across as more clean cut. Jay reminded me a bit of the type of girl at school that smoked, wore make up and spent her lunch breaks round the back of the bike shed haha! As for Bobby, I don't really recall having too much of an opinion on him either way unfortunately (which I don't mean in a negative way). So, who's going to share their memories/perceptions next?? :)
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May 3 16 11:35 PM

Kinda the same for me... but I thought Jay was sexier... Cheryl more the girl next door.... but that said CHeryl was my fave.

And I do remember perking up a little when I saw Bob with his shirt off i Talking In Your Sleep video :D

Get Busy With The Fizzy!

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May 6 16 9:36 AM

Bobby was my first big crush and by far my favourite member, for obvious girlie reasons. I was thrilled when he was given most of the leads. Bobby had a lovely smile and twinkly eyes, which sparkled when he sang. Bobby was sexy.

I liked Cheryl, because she seemed so bubbly and fun. 

I was confused with Jay. Her provocative poses (which, as a 9 yr-old girl in the beginning, I found a tad embarrassing) suggested an extrovert, but, IIRC, she rarely spoke up in interviews.  

Mike came across as a bit boring, tbh. And I could never understand why most girls found him to be the attractive one! 

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May 8 16 2:12 PM

I was a fan between the ages of 3-8 so this was from a small child's perspective. I loved Mike and Cheryl as they were always giggling and seemed like the naughty kids of the band (I had no concept of age and thought of Jay and Bobby as being much older). Talking of....Bobby I liked very much as he was (to me) Dad like and had a kind smile. Jay was who I wanted to be when I grew up! The sexy moves went completely over my head and I just saw someone really cool, pretty and fashionable. In short they all had huge appeal to me in different ways and my view of them all was so innocent. Looking back I don't think I was far off. Mike and Cheryl were chilidish (not an insult - they had fun which is great), despite everything and my loyalty sticking to CMJ I don't think Bobby is a bad person and I was spot on with Jay too. Maybe kids see the reality more than we realise. Haha!

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May 13 16 7:44 AM

I was around 14 when I first discovered the Fizz and Piece of The Action was the song that got me in. I was a natural blond as a kid so loved their blond looks and catchy songs. I really liked them all but as they matured I loved Bobby getting the leads because he was the best singer. When i met them in 1989 in AUS Shelly was there so to me she is as much a part as Jay. They were all so open and friendly to the fans. Cheryl and Mike were really chatty after the concert when I met them and Bobby was just looking for a cigarette. Shelly was so hot. The straight boys loved her

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Jul 1 16 2:39 PM

Lets rate them talent wise: Bobby 1, that magical voice, thank god he had the leads mostly, Cheryl 2, so warm and lovable on tv shows and backing vocals, Shelley 3, the best female vocal Fizz ever had (backup to major acts into the 90's), Jay 4 , Sexy and still as hot today and Mike 5, great personality and his recent solo album showed her really can sing

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