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Apr 21 16 10:53 PM

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Did anyone catch Bobby, Heidi & Millie on "The Tiny Tots Talent Agency"? 

It was on channel 4 on Tues at 8pm.  Repeat is on 4seven on Mon 25/4 at 1.55am. Or you can watch it now on All4 or via their website

Don't know if they'll be back on future episodes, or just that first episode. 
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Apr 23 16 7:05 AM

Yes, I saw it and thought they came across really well.....for me I kind of got the impression that Bobby wants a quite life now and that he's not bothered about performing as BF as much, shame has he has a massive talent (his voice), but you can understand it, he been and done that and got the T-shirt etc etc etc.

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Apr 25 16 5:43 PM

They're on it twice, and then there's and update on Millie right at the end. The first one is about 7 mins in. In total, they get 5-6 mins screen time. 

I think with Millie being involved in so many things, they'll have little time to devote to BF now anyway. She comes across as a very happy & bubbly little girl who seems to be enjoying it all. 

The wee update at the end shows other kids in the next episode, so I assume that's it. 

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Apr 25 16 6:04 PM

Just watched this, after taping last nights repeat (funnily enough, I did actually tape the original broadcast but gave up watching after a couple of minutes and promptly deleted it!)

Nice appearance and Millie seems like really nice girl, Bobby and Heidi must be very proud. In fact they all came across well to be fair.

I'm annoyed at myself for deleting too soon again... Just seen scottfizz's post about the update at the end. Doh!! Can you remember what it said by any chance??

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Apr 25 16 8:30 PM

Paul, at the end, Millie was being photographed playing with a toy tea seat as voiceover guy said "since filming...... Millie hasn't got a job in the West End yet, but is working regularly in Devon." They also showed two photos that were taken during the modelling shoot we saw earlier in the show. Very pretty girl! 

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