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Apr 3 16 7:59 PM

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...what is your favourite memory from the Bucks Fizz story?

Was it winning Eurovision? The number one singles? A gig? The reunion (in any of its forms?)

The recording years seem like a lifetime ago to me now so I find it quite difficult to recall much of what went on and how I felt about it.

Not that I would describe it as a "favourite" memory as such, but the most vivid time for me was probably after the coach crash. I remember watching the news and checking my dads paper every day for updates on mikes health.

When Mike finally began to show signs of improvement I recall that it was described as a Christmas miracle, and it really did feel like it. I don't know if it was true or not but one article said that Mike had previously had the last rites read to him and it all seemed rather bleak.

I kept a scrapbook of all the newspaper clippings about the crash, adding new articles as each day passed. One of my big regrets is that it got thrown away some years later, it would be amazing to re-read the articles again now.
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Apr 4 16 12:44 AM

I think my favourite memory would have to be "New Beginning". The night they performed it on Wogan, I felt so confident it was going to be a hit. The week it entered the top 40 at 24 was a fantastic feeling, after a run of flops. Nichola Martin was interviewed in the Daily Mirror and explained how everyone had said her group were finished, but she proved them wrong. That was how I felt as a fan.

It may seem odd to place the success of "New Beginning" over winning Eurovision or the 3 number ones. However, for me it's because in the early days I took the groups success for granted. I could never have imagined the future struggle to have another hit. Being back in the top ten was the ultimate return to form. "New Beginning" doubled it sales in the week it went from 11 to 8. If the records above it had been selling maybe just a little less, it could have gone top 5. As we all know, the sad end to the story is that Polydor didn't have strong enough material for the follow ups and the album, hence the demise of the group.

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Apr 4 16 4:49 PM

Yes, New Beginning was an unexpected triumphant return - it reignited my interest in the band after quite a long lapse. If I remember correctly even some non-BF fans at school liked the song - it was that good!!

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Apr 4 16 5:28 PM

Exactly Paul. "New Beginning" was a rare crossover hit, whereby lots of non Fizz fans seemed to like it too. In fact, unless you were Martin Degville, I don't see how you could have disliked the song back in June 86. It It was just such a great pop record.

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Apr 4 16 5:29 PM

Yes I think Mike was given 'the last rites' and as we know soon started to recover.
My fav memory was buying NB without even listening to it before and I was hooked!

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Apr 4 16 8:04 PM

I guess mine is a Fizz memory but also not. My fondest recollection is walking to school with my Mum and us singing Fizz songs - I'd Like To Say I Love You and What Am I Gonna Do always used to get an airing on those morning walks! (hardcore 6 year old singing an album track and a b side!) It's only now I realise how lovely it was as Mum thought they were divs. Haha, still though she indulged me :)

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#6 [url]

Apr 4 16 11:04 PM

I think for me it is both Rules Of The Game and New Beginning because I can distinctly remember not believing either were Fizz when I first heard them on the radio!

Get Busy With The Fizzy!

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Apr 21 16 4:29 AM

Meeting each of the Fizz members in June 1982 in Newcastle, over here in Australia

Being a member of the official Fizz Fan club for 2 and half years!

Acquiring all the new reissued albums and the Lost Masters albums.

Making some great friends here on the Fizz forums over the past 8 years.

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Apr 23 16 6:13 AM

I was only born in 1984 so didn't grow up with the Fizz... and only discovered them 12 or so years ago... so my biggest memory would be discovering their music for the first time, quickly buying all of their albums and lapping up the wide array of Fizz tracks that would go on to be such an important influence in my life.

And chatting about the Fizz with all you great people here and on the old Early Years Forum.

Love is Invisible!

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