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Aug 13 15 6:35 AM

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Shelley often posts old Bucks Fizz photos on Twitter. She is obviously proud of her time in Bucks Fizz. I was wondering if anybody knows if she has patched things up with Cheryl & Mike? I could ask her on Twitter but I don't really want to bring it up.

Twitter is great. I've had several conversations with Shelley, Cheryl & Jay and numerous 'likes' and 'retweets' from Cheryl.

Here's Shelley's Twitter name if anybody wants it.


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Aug 14 15 5:42 PM

I imagine it's partly as it's prime holiday season and plenty of people are away or at least out and about when the UK weather allows.

Please be assured (in my opinion anyway!) there is no such thing as a boring question related to Bucks Fizz.

I don't "do" Twitter, but I hope Shelley has at least moved on from what may or may not have been said between them all. She has a very valid place in Bucks Fizz history and should be immensely proud of having a top ten hit with the band.

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Aug 14 15 8:01 PM

Hi As you may or may not know I help Shelley run her Twitter page . She is very proud of her time with Fizz . All the pics that are put up are usually sent to me from her to post. As you know , she also tweets and responds to people when she can . I know she appreciates all the support so please follow ! Jane x

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Aug 15 15 7:58 AM

She honestly is fine with it ..and she will answer all questions usually though won't go into 'fizz politics ' !

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Aug 15 15 2:01 PM

Shelley on Twitter

Andy you definitely don't ask boring questions... I think u hit the nail on the head about the quiet thing tho!

As there seems to a thing about merging two words into one nowadays (like brangelina), maybe fizz politics = fizzics?? Haha!

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Aug 29 15 8:36 AM

Great! Good to know I've helped gain her a couple more followers!

Mine is @AndyJohnson51 if anyone is interested. I always follow back! Wink02

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