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Jul 26 15 7:44 PM

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I'm not sure if BBC Four are actually re-running the old episodes of TOTP (I darseay there's absolutely loads of episodes that the BBC can never broadcast again due to the recent scandals) but I have noticed that they have certainly been going through the old archives in chronological order recently. This weeks show was from September 1980, so we are not a million miles away from the start of Bucks Fizz era (does anyone know if they appeared on the show pre-Eurovion, as a "here's this year's entry, let's hope it does well" kind of thing?). Thought it might be worth mentioning this now just in case the Beeb suddenly jump forward in time by a few months! Get the VCR at the ready fellow fizzers :)
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Jul 27 15 11:37 AM

I'm not 100% certain of TOTP, but I seem to recall them being on a few shows prior to Eurovision that year, as by then I was mad keen for them to win. It won't have been any earlier than 11 March 1981, when they were chosen on Song for Europe, though.

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Jul 28 15 10:43 PM

My other half is capturing all the TOTPs so hopefully if all the fizz ones are aired will have a great collection of great quality performances.

Get Busy With The Fizzy!

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Jul 29 15 12:15 PM

Top Of The Pops re-run on BBC Four

It's great being able to re-live the old days with these shows. There's a lot of stuff from the 1980 shows that I really don't remember but we are edging closer to the start of my introduction to music so I'm really looking forward to that!

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Jul 31 15 11:35 PM

Full list of Fizz TOTP appearances

OK, so did some research and here is a full list of Fizz appearances on TOTP (also says who was presenting, I am sure you can work out the ones that won't get shown!):

19/03/81 (Peter Powell)
26/03/81 (Richard Skinner)
02/04/81 (Simon Bates)  (repeat from 19/03/81)
09/04/81 (Mike Read)
16/04/81 (Peter Powell) (repeat from 19/03/81)
23/04/81 (Dave Lee Travis) (repeat)
30/04/81 (Jimmy Savile) (video/credits)

11/06/81 (Jimmy Savile)

03/09/81 (Peter Powell)
17/09/81 (Steve Wright)

10/12/81 (Jimmy Savile)
24/12/81 (David Jensen)
NYE SHOW 31/12/81 (Mike Read) (MYMU repeat)
14-1-82: Presenter: Dave Lee Travis
21-1-82: Presenter: David Jensen (repeat)

25-3-82: Presenters: Peter Powell & Garth Crooks
8-4-82: Presenter: Simon Bates (Video)
15-4-82: Presenter: David Jensen

24-6-82: Presenter: Dave Lee Travis
8-7-82: Presenter: David Jensen (video)

2-12-82: Presenters: Peter Powell, Gary Davies, Janice Long & Pat Sharp 
16-12-82: Presenter: Jimmy Savile O.B.E. (repeat)
XMAS SHOW 25-12-82: Presenters: The Radio 1 D.J.'s (LOMB + MCNL Video)
06/01/83 (Mike Smith & Tommy Vance)

17/03/83 (Tony Blackburn & Gary Davies)

brief interview
05/05/83 (1000th edition) (Radio 1 DJs) – brief interview

16/06/83 (Mike Read & Dave Lee Travis) (video)
30/06/83 (Richard Skinner & Tommy Vance)

13/10/83 (Peter Powell & Richard Skinner)

XMAS SHOW 25/12/83 (Simon Bates, Janice Long, Andy Peebles & Mike Smith) (WWWY)

30/08/84 (Richard Skinner & Mike Smith, with Simon Bates & Jimmy Savile on a train)
06/09/84 (Janice Long & John Peel, with brief appearance from Bruno Brookes)

11/06/86 (Mike Smith)
19/06/86 (Gary Davies)
03/07/86 (Janice Long) (video)

TOTP Review of the ‘80s
28/12/89 (Paul Gambaccini & Mike Read) (repeat clip from 19/03/81)

Get Busy With The Fizzy!

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Aug 3 15 6:59 AM

Superb work Phil!

Here's hoping we got to see lots of these . It would be nice if the "unshowable" episodes could be edited to remove the presenters, so that we still get to see the actual performances - but I guess that's probably rather unlikely. Such a shame too that the only TOTP performance of POTA is one hosted by saville. I guess the song must have peaked quite early given that the only got to appear on the show once with that song?

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Aug 4 15 9:40 PM

There are a couple of Coco ones which I will add soon.

Does anyone remember if Mother's Pride or Brooks were ever on? Or Bobby solo? I shall have to add them all.

I should probably post the list in the Reference/Info section too...

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Feb 8 16 7:28 PM

bflondonfan wrote:
Fizz on next Thursday!

Whoop! Whoop! I've loved watching the last few episodes... 1981 was the year I really got into music and so it's just pure TV gold for me. (Apart from joe dolce, although I did love it at the time haha!)

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Feb 8 16 9:28 PM

I've not been watching but same for me Paul... my musical awakening was happening slowly from 1979 but 81 is when I really started getting it..

Get Busy With The Fizzy!

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Feb 26 16 6:49 PM

Top Of The Pops re-run on BBC Four

Just watching last nights TOTP.

This contains a new studio performance of MYMU. No skirt rips included though, which must make it a bit of a collectors item!

The band were wearing red/yellow/green/blue jumpers with a glass of Bucks Fizz on the front and all looked incredibly slim (Bobby and Mike looked no more than a 28 inch waist in their tight jeans!!!)

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